Future Events Shiki "the Golden Lion" vs "Pirate Hunter" Zoro : our long awaited 1v1 swordsman fight in Wano ?

Will Shiki "the Golden Lion" vs "Pirate Hunter" Zoro happen ?

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There have never been more mentions to Shiki than during the Wano Kuni arc. The episode 969 teases Shiki's future actions even more.
Oda said some time ago that a lurking legend tied to WB will be the greatest threat ever known by the SH crew. Who other than Shiki fits this description ?
He might officially appear for the first time in the manga during Wano Kuni arc and ... we know that he's one of the best swordsman in One Piece verse :wellwell:

So could Shiki be Zoro's long-speculated 1v1 swordsman fight ? Before or after ZKK happen ? Wouldn't he be the Kuma of the Wano Kuni arc ?
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I don't think there's room for Shiki to appear in Wano. Unless he shows up at the end.
That's what I think too.
He will remain as a bystander until it's the right time to move and 2 Yonkos potentially going down is the best opportunity he could have.
Wano will first recover and rebuild its military might before opening up its borders to the world. Shiki will be the first outsider to come in a world-open Wano Kuni.
I must be blind but where did shiki show up in the preview I didn’t see him anywhere?
Oops I messed up. It was during the first part of episode 969.
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After seeing that hybrid Kaido cannot match Zoro in combat, I would take a swordsman like Shiki over ZKK if he can give Zoro a better fight than hybrid Kaido managed to do. I wish it would happen but sadly, the movie probably pushed Golden Lion out of the manga plans.
Can not match Zoro in Combat vs "I hope at least ashura (strongest move) Will knock you down"
How delusional:gokulaugh:


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I presume that Current Shiki is possibly still standing as a monster, maybe be even stronger than Sengoku.

If that was the case at this stage the odds Zoro could fight him off soon would be abysmal unless Shiki also wasn't fresh for some peculiar reason.