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Outside of Haki? Yes. But a supreme grade blade reinforced with Haki (which is a swordsman bread and butter, as Ryuo allows the user to become one with his blade) would beat a great grade sword, if otherwise all parameters are the same. With beat I don't necessarily mean in terms of which blade breaks which, but in terms of attack potency and sharpness.
king's Haki coated blade got broke by Zoro i don't think if king had shisui zoro would able to break it.

oda mention more than 3 times blackblades are the strongest blade in the world, also zoro said blackblades won't even bend a mile even if a dinouser stepped in it which prove non blackblades will bend

and the reason roger gets foderize by ryuma with shisui cuz rogers haki so weak compare to ryuma. man not wss not even strong enough to make a blackblade.

btw it said wb sword allow him to channel his full power in it. if zoro forge a blackblade by using full power that easily make mihawk >>> prime whitebeard / prime roger

Garp the Fist

Shusui’s a really good sword with no disadvantages to it.

Enma’s a fun balance of the sword saying “master me or I will kill you.”

A fully mastered Enma that’s became a black blade (and one of the top Meito) is outright better than Shusui.

Funnily enough, if current Zoro was to swap the swords back he would be stronger assuming he could still use KoH. But Enma still has room to grow whereas Shusui doesn’t, so Enma long term is the better sword.

Putting it in video game terms.

Shusui- level 80 sword (cannot grow anymore), AP consistent 750, defence 890 (as a black blade)

Enma- level 75 sword (can grow to 99), AP 630 to 950, takes HP whenever you attack, defence 500 (not a black blade), unlocks KoH mode

Meanwhile Wado and Sandai are like

Waso- level 60 (can grow?), AP 500, defence 500, provides bonus to mastering Enma

Sandai- level 30 (can grow?), AP 550, defence 320, cursed but mastered

Or from another perspective as like a class change, Zoro using Shusui is a Knight, with Enma he’s a Dark Knight

Shusui is the safe option, Enma’s high risk and high reward.
Enma had nothing to do with it. 🤣🤣

Keep coping.
What Enma draws out is the users Ryuo/CoA nowhere has it been stated Enma unlocks or gifts people coc
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Dumbfucks really believe that Oda replaces sword to downgrade Zoro ?

Must be really cope.
Enma is it’s current state is no better than Shusui it has better potential as it can be elevated while Shusui is black blade already on the same grade as Enma. Oda didn’t downgrade Zoro’s swords but he also didn’t upgrade them by handing Zoro Enma. The real PU Zoro received this arc was his coc awakening which is all down to his own potential and strength
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No wonder some zorofans think enma is worse then susui they supported zkk for 5 years :milaugh: , zoro himself said if he can tame enma he will be stronger , he got ryuo with the sword, learned about the flow and got advCoC from it but people think dressorosa zoro could unlock advCoc and upgrade his COA with susui :suresure:
dont think so

dont really see the rationale in downplaying a blade that is even more selective than shisui ever was
that has the same rank despite not being a black blade
and remains zoro's strongest blade currently.