Spoiler Shokugeki no Sanji chapter 3 *spoilers*

By Redon

As I told you, Shokugeki no Sanji chapter 3 takes place in Arabasta.

- Chapter starts in the banquet in Alubarna.
- Terracotta (Igaram's wife) and palace chefs aren't enough to satisfy Luffy's appetite.
- But Sanji arrives and helps them, and then another chefs from Arabasta help too.
- Sanji prepares a special dessert for Vivi and she remembers all the good moment she had with the Straw Hat Pirates.
- At the end of the chapter, just before Straw Hat Pirates leave the palace, Terracotta en
Always a good time seeing Sanji roll up his sleeves and bring the heat to the kitchen. Loved seeing the Alabasta flavors in this art style, the colored page with the entire crew at the dining table had to be my favorite. Plot was weak compared to the chapters before as it doesn't really require Sanji to do anything out of the ordinary like using Zoro's big boy sword. It more or less felt like an excuse to focus on Vivi and yet she was spared from the effects of the Strip Strip no mi.:kaimoji:

Very considerate of Sanji to put out his smoke for the Alabasta chefs he's cooking with.
He'd be chain smoking all night if this was the Sunny. A chef does what he wants in his own kitchen.:myman:
All those beautiful Vivis, but reliving this funny Drum Kingdom moment takes the cake for me.:yearight:
Oda, please, more of Sanji being a gentlemen seducer. Less perverted gags. Show us our boy still has the skills to be smooth in front of women.

It looks like Jump wants to continue this spin-off until there's enough chapters to put a volume on the market. One thing is for sure and that's that a Robin chapter must happen. The only question is if they do it Skypeia or skip to Water 7.