Shokugeki no Sanji Chapter-4

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It was Brilliant
Usually the image we get from Sanji's time in that island is negative (and usually cringe af) but the author really fixed this somehow
And it explained for a little bit how Sanji got stronger in both fighting and cooking aspects in that kind of island

Surviving in a forest was always Oda's ideal training environment set when he drew alot of a characters that were trying to get stronger, so it actually fits with the canon story so well
  • 24 hours of starvation is nothing for Sanji when he did 60 days as kid after Zeff's food ran out. Just speaks of the mental exhaustion caused by okama.
  • No Vivi stripping but Ivankov gets it?:noo:
  • Sanji is utterly creeped out of spiders...unless their name is Black Maria.:wellwell:

  • Doublespread with cavewomen Nami and Robin. Very much yes. But somebody needs to ask Oda why Sanji keeps deleting Nami's tattoo in his mind.
  • Shoujo Sanji's face can never be erased.:pepehands:
Actually really liked this chapter, might even be my favorite of the spin-off as it has a bit of everything. Fanservice (shirtless Sanji not too shabby). Ivankov's comedy. Sanji facing a real problem with running out of energy to fight the okama. Sanjear Grills cooking up nature a nice solution. It helps that this was Sanji's solo arc that Oda set up over the time skip and was just waiting for another author to wrap it up. Skipping Skypeia, Water 7/EL, Thriller Bark and Sabaody does feel a little unusual. Fishman Island is surely next if there's no plan to go back.