Shuumatsu No Valkyrie Chapter 46 Spoilers Discussion - Thread


Fly to the Sky High
- Zerofuku gets the wind knocked out of him by Buddha's surprise knee strike.
- The other three members of the Four Saints (Socrates, Jesus, and Confucius) are looking on... (t/n: apparently the three of them and Buddha are grouped together in Japanese culture)
- Zerofuku swings his axe about and attempts to hack at Buddha, but the latter effortlessly dodges.
- However, the audience trembles in fear when they notice that with each dodge the axe is becoming bigger.
- Zeus says that Zerofuku's axe absorbs misfortune. That is, the more misfortune it sucks up, the more destructive it becomes.
- Since being juked on is also "misfortune", the axe becomes more powerful as Buddha dodges it.
- However, to counter this cheat ability, Buddha has his own cheat ability to move faster than Zerofuku's strikes: "Future Sight", which is only possible for the Enlightened One.
- Buddha attacks Zerofuku whenever he sees an opening, quickly turning the match into a one-sided game.
- Brunhilde states that Future Sight only allows Buddha to see a moment ahead, but that much time is plenty for him.
- However, right then Buddha notices something strange about Zerofuku.
- He sees something which he cannot avoid within a moment, and so he uses his shield (Ahimsa) against the Seven Misfortunes to form a perfect guard...

Yeah this is going way too easy for Buddha, there's gonna be a complication soon. Also, I can't believe that the author actually put Jesus in this manga. I remember some people were upset about the presentation of Shiva, so hopefully this doesn't do anything.
i knew just matter of time, someone will make a comparison between Adam and Buddha
Is future sight the only way humanity can win?
Other winner from humanity got power that almost similiar.
Like sasaki that can try every move in his mind and jack that can make a plan that really perfect.
But adam lose too after all even he can see future :kayneshrug:
So Buddha unlocked the Sharingan in order to use Future Sight?

Who put Naruto Piece in my Ragnarok? :goatasure:

Anyway, I guess this means that Nostradamus ain't getting Future Sight then since Buddha has it, so.... The feck is Nos going to be able to do? :quest:
Destiny Manipulation?

Especially since he is predicted to fight Odin, a god who tried to control his own destiny?