[Signup] Knight-Errant Game (reduced version)

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Knight-Errant (reduced version)

Start Time - Sunday at 12PM (CST) = 7PM (CET). timing subject to change if majority agree to a different time.
Phase length - 20 min day phase, 10 min night phase (or until every1 submit actions)
Lynch - majority, but equal votes result in no lynch

sup ningens, this is a quick 11 players semi-open, semi-vanilla setup that runs as follows:

5x vanilla townies
2x town masoners (2 special vanilla townies that start the game in a mason chat with each other)
1x random town power role

1x mafia goon
1x random mafia power role

1x jack-of-all-trades serial killer. (this JOAT SK will have 1-shot of the town and mafia power roles abilities, in addition to an inherent 1-shot strongman or janitor faction kill)

Total = 11 players.

the possible power roles will be randomized from the table found here: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Knight-Errant

1Town 3-Shot CommuterMafia BulletproofTown GunsmithMafia Roleblocker
2Mafia GodfatherTown CopMafia Even-Night WatcherTown Tracker
3Town JailkeeperMafia RoleblockerTown BulletproofMafia Bulletproof
4Mafia Even-Night WatcherTown RoleblockerMafia GodfatherTown Doctor

Certain Mechanics:

> Godfathers scan innocent to cops and gunsmith, but are not bulletproof.
> Gunsmith is a cop role that detects if someone owns a gun or not. (cops, vigs, jailers and mafia do own a gun. Serial killer and the rest of town do not)
> Commuter is a role that leaves town at night if they want, becoming untargetable
> Jailer is a role that jails another player, making them untargetable but also unable to perform actions
> Masoner townies will be seen as targeting each other by trackers/watchers. If one of them is jailed they lose the mason during the following day.

Sign-up: (11 required)

1. @Finalbeta
2. @RippedCal
3. @Midnight Delight
4. @Light D Lamperouge
5. @MangoSenpai
6. @Tris
7. @Udell
8. @T-Pein™
9. @TheAncientCenturion
10. @Fujishiro
11. @Kvothe Kingkiller


1. @TheKnightOfTheSea
2. @Grammaton
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