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Blood of the Dark Soul
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Skoll, The Mad Giant

Name: Skoll
Epithet: The Mad Giant
Affiliation: Swan Pirates, Jotnar Pirates (Former), Giant Warrior Pirates (Former)
Occupation: Pirate, Swan Pirates First Mate
Gender: Male
Race: Giant
Age: 143 years
Height: 181 feet

Not much is known about Skoll or what he spent the majority of his 140 year life doing. Only a few select details about him are known as of now:

Skoll was born to a quiet home in Elbaf, but he ran away at an extremely young age in search of adventure. He sailed in the Crow’s Nest of the Giant Warrior Pirates when he was extremely young, though he abandoned the ship years before the crew disbanded during a particularly arduous venture deep into the New World.

For the next few decades, his exact whereabouts were unknown, until he suddenly re-appeared as a member of the Jotnar Pirates, a crew of Giant Pirates that terrorized the Seas for decades. Skoll did not hold a position of prestige or authority within the crew, but rumors claim that he was the lover of the crew’s captain. He would sail with this crew for the next sixty years.

Details of his escapades during this time are mysteriously scarce, though it is believed that he and the Jotnar Pirates committed several acts of violence against the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Three years ago, the entirety of the Jotnar Pirates were completely destroyed in a naval battle with the Marines, a battle that claimed the lives of every member of the crew, except for Skoll himself. During the battle, Skoll was mortally wounded and permanently blinded.

During his transportation to Impel Down, the ship transporting him mysteriously sank under strange circumstances. Skoll himself escaped the sinking ship and joined an entirely new Pirate Crew, the Swan Pirates, a crew that is seemingly only made up of two members, where he is the First Mate.
Level 56
56x5= 280
Racial Bonuses:
+8 Strength
+7 Vitality
-2 Agility
-2 Intellect
Strength: 41+40=81
Agility: 74-10=64
-Reaction: 81
-Movement: 47
Vitality: 46+35=81
-Resilience: 81
-Endurance: 81
Intellect: 11-10=1
Fighting Style: 36
-Path of the Jotun: 72
Haki: 72
Armament: 61
Observation: 81


Name: Hakucha
Epithet: “The Future Pirate King” (self-given)
Affiliation: Swan Pirates
Occupation: Pirate Captain, Swan Pirates Captain
Gender: Female
Race: Dwarf
Age: 19 years
Height: 6.3 Inches

Raised as an Orphan in a distant New World Kingdom, the dream to become the Pirate King was born inside of Hakucha after a chance encounter with a Great Pirate when she was only 7 years old. Ever since then, Hakucha dreamed of the day where she would be ready to set sail for herself.

When she turned 14, she began trying to tame wild Swan that she could ride in order to set out to sea, since she was too small to pilot a boat herself. By the time she reached her 15th birthday, she was able to use one of these Swan to set out to Sea as the captain of her own one-man Pirate crew.

Her first Pirate voyage ended in miserable failure. After making it several miles away from her home island, the Swan that she rode out to Sea drowned from exhaustion in the harsh New World waters, and were it not for a Pirate vessel that happened to be passing by, Hakucha herself would’ve likely drowned as well. She spent the next year hopping from ship to ship as a stowaway, studying the different Pirate Crews and stealing small treasures from them while they weren’t looking. She would barter these treasures with island merchants, and she used her rewards to purchase proper Pirate equipment including a Dwarf’s Sword and a Pirate Captain’s Hat. The number of small treasures Hakucha stole during this time almost reached one hundred.

One day, Hakucha found herself stowing away onboard a vessel that sailed head-first into a Navy Fleet and was promptly obliterated. Due to her small size, Hakucha was able to remain hidden among the wreckage long enough for the Navy to imprison the only survivor of the battle, the Giant named Skoll. As the Navy warship sailed away, Hakucha was able to get her hands on Skoll’s locket that he had lost during the chaos of the battle.

She was just about to make off with the locket to barter with like she had done with every other treasure she had stolen, but after one look inside of the locket itself, Hakucha instead tailed the Navy Prison-ship that held Skoll for three days straight in order to return his locket to him. When she finally caught up to the ship, she was able to sneak on board and detonate a gunpowder store onboard, causing the ship to sink. Skoll was able to swim to shore while Hakucha rode inside of his beard.

Because Hakucha had freed Skoll and returned his most precious treasure to him, he swore his life to her and became the first member of Hakucha’s Pirate Crew. Now, three years have passed, and Hakucha continues her quest to become the King of the Pirates, with her Pirate crew of one at her side.
Level 28
28x5= 140
Racial Bonuses:
+4 Strength
+4 Agility
-2 Intellect
Strength: 13+8=21
Agility: 43+8=51
-Reaction: 51
-Movement: 51
Vitality: 21
-Resilience: 21
-Endurance: 21
Intellect: 42-4=38
-Beast Mastery: 37
-Shipwright: 41
Fighting Style: 21
-Ittoryu: 21
-Gunslinging: 21

The Story So Far!

Loguetown-Hakucha’s Dream
The Open Seas-Skoll’s Resolve
Twin Capes-Alliance
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