Speculations Smoothie's opponent at Wano

Who is Smoothies opponent at Wano?

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First I gotta say Smoothie is thicc.

- Smoothie is one of the most hyped character in BMP and currently she has been sidelined for so long at Wano to the point that we all almost forgot her.
- I think they will almost show up at Onigashima in some chapters or maybe they will appear at round 2 of war where alliance might get weak and SN's gets wrecked by Hybrid Kaido and BM
- Again it's very hard to predict the matchup for her but i think she might most likely confront Yamato

- They both have different ideologies and they are daughters of legendary Yonkos who they care less about them as Family, What i mean here is one daughter (Smoothie) wishes to serve under BM but other daughter (Yamato) wishes to oppose/ to be free from her father's control
- Another reason why i think is that they both hasn't shown their full potential yet. Smoothie is being portrayed as 2nd or 3rd strongest in BMP after BM
- I can't see yamato going to roof as of now or neither to fight King/Queen/Jack. F6 are also busy so there might be chances that she might come acrross smoothie.
- Though i'm not sure if this will happen but this is one of the most anticipated fight for me.
- If Smoothie doesn't do anything then remember that she just gonna make everyone refreshing drinks after the fight :cheers:
Probably no one. I get the feeling that smoothie Is going to walk away from this war without joining only to be taken down by someone like Tashigi when the Marines take Big Moms territory
i honestly doubt that she will walk away cuz they all follow BM's orders and she does have trust in them. Breaking her word would be like betraying her, but your specteculation might be true
Zoro... just like how katakuri was perfect opponent for Luffy and his growth as a fighter so is smoothie for zoro.

smoothie and big mom pirates have beef with straw hats, more then beast pirate by a long shot.

Kaido should soon make zoro his bitch...
I would love to see Smoothie vs Yamato/Jimbei while the other takes Jack but the Dukes and the other Scabbards will settle their issues with that dude (though they kind of did already). Smoothie is hella under-used and came to Wano yet hasn't done anything that can compare to what Big Mom and Perospero have despite her being one of the most notorious from that crew. A fight against a strong opponent would be good for her, any focus really would be good for her, she needs the panels. I was hoping to see more from her, Snack (don't even think he came to Wano though) and Compote but nope. If Smoothie does show up at Onigashima or at the capital at the end of the arc, he better not have her do literally nothing again.


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I hope she will fight someone this arc.

I think Yamato could more likely end up against King however but how epic would Yamato v Smoothie taste like either?

Smoothie, I love her character for now despite having acknowledged so little of her.

I named Yamato the Xena of One Piece and Smoothie the Claymore of One Piece.
At this point I expect her to fight some marines who'll come to Wano, but not someone of the Alliance, at least not in a full fight.
I can not see smoothie, Perospero and the other notable big mom pirates surviving this

you really think smoothie will get a fight after this arc ? I think it’s either now or never.