General & Others So did Big Mom have the most potential out of anyone in the series?

But was held back by:

1. A relatively weak fruit.
2. Stupidity

Think about it. Kaido even as a teen only had a 70 million berry bounty. Luffy didn't become powerful until 19. Shanks? Was an apprentice alongside Buggy in his teens. Oden? Strong, but still not on BMs level.

BM had a bounty of 500m even as a little girl lol.

None of the top tiers we have seen were anywhere near as dangerous at a young age
The soul fruit is the reason why she has the most potential in the series

She can create whole armies of logia like characters who are immune to haki

She can boost her already insane stats as much as she wants

extend her life span

Regenerate broken bones

One shot anyone who feels the slightest fear towards her

Give her fruit to a character like doffy or katakuri and they'd be the strongest in OP
According to Caramel, she had Marine Fleet Admiral potential as a kid & it is quite possible that she got that strong as an adult but she's clearly out of her prime atm even though she's still an active Yonko, so reckon that's one of the reasons.

Linlin during the Rocks FB had a much slimmer figure which would've allowed her to use her innate physicality to the best of her ability (her raw physical stats was prolly nasty back then) but with age and all the food she's stuffed herself with she's now slow as a snail, has shit reaction speed and the only characteristic of her innate physicality she ever utilizes is her iron fortress like body. We've seen glimpses of her insane agility & stupendous strength from time to time but that's only when she loses her mind.

Even with that said though, I think the main problem has been how badly Oda has mismanaged her character.

I don't think her devil fruit holds her back if anything it's pretty OP but I do think she's become a little to reliant on her DF ability with age.

On paper tho, she does have one of the highest strength potential in the series largely due to her innate physicality.


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It didn't seem like it to be honest.

She was clashing with Kaido on par at best even before he would rely on his full DF superiority. We don't know who trained the most throughout their lives.