Speculations So what excuse can ODA use to bring Zoro back to the fight?

from reading other posts looks like lots of people here are expecting Zoro to come back in some sort of way. I know on this forum there are lots of theories going on about the king of the hell and the black blade.

but all that said, even if Zoro gets some type of power-up it's not like it will Heal him. things are not looking good for him right now, his every bone is broken, so how he is supposed to heal in such a short time without some asspull.
Some dumb road to hell to find your inner spirit type bs like Luffy and Joyboy
His heart beat will revive him go faster and give him new powers. Nah you're right that's ludicrous
Go beyond your limits row row fight the power one last hit with all my strength even if it kills me

It’s Shonen lol, Oda doesn’t need to do much here. If he wants to bring Zoro back for the finale there’s little stopping him.
Man, you guys are making me laugh harder than Luffy. but I guess you guys might be right.