Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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Aight I think its a good opportunity for me to post my well-constructed theory based on just the information obtained from these recent spoilers. I will post this theory on reddit in the near future if I am not drunk.

I, personally, am not a big fan of Yamato's character and her development. You could otherwise call me an anti-Yamato fella. Her character, to sum it up shortly, revolves around emulating a somewhat notable figure with just a little touch of generic sad backstory and some fanart shots now and there. She comes of as somewhat of a "scapegoat" character that Oda decided to make just to tie up some loose ends to the already very heated Wano plot. You know very well that Luffy cannot 1v1 Kaido at his current sorry state of what I like to call "pre-ACoC", and so what better of a convenient character to make that is somewhat strong enough to mitigate these falling story plot lines and make sure that plot armor stays THICC and strong? Why not also have her solve the bomb problems as well? Oda must be feeling really good with himself now.

I was really hoping that by the end of Wano arc that Yamato makes the decision to STAY in wano and acknowledge herself as a useless scapegoat character Wano's guardian deity. You can give many reasons why Yamato should stay in Wano and already many people made posts why that should be the case(Morj, KOL, etc.). From the spoiler info, while it may look like my wish came true, it is unfortunately not exactly the case I was hoping.

What does the spoiler actually say? It states that she wants to tour around Wano and then head to sea with Luffy, a decision she makes of her own accord. I am happy that she made that decision herself, I am also happy that she made the decision to stay in Wano. I am not happy with the hearing the specific sentence: "...then head to sea with Luffy", this part completely invalidates all the "Yamato4nakama dead" memes going around simply because its not set in stone that she is NOT joining the straw hats after Wano.

What will likely happen? Tentatively based from the information provided from the spoilers, she will most likely rejoin with the strawhats sometime in the near future. I predict that this is going to happen sooner than later. Otherwise what's the point of Oda making countless panels of Yamato and her willing to go out to sea with Luffy and the crew? The strawhats will most likely going through some mini-arc series, no longer than 10-15 chapters, where they possibly go to 1-2 random islands and explore it; I presume pre-time skip style. Oda will also uses this opportunity to advance some of the main story plot points and wrap up missing miscellaneous plot points such as bounty reveals for either the remaining straw hats, or other notable figures in the one piece world. I estimate this will also be around the ending for Act 4. Once this is done, the strawhats will return back to Wano and pickup either Momonouske, Yamato, Kinemon or all 3(If Oda is Crazy). Oda might also use this as leverage to bring back Carrot into the main story line(maybe). Given that we didn't see information to Carrot in film red or Yamato, then it safe to assume that the film is based upon post chapter 1057 character lineup. So Carrot hidden inside the box is probably... out of the box, no pun intended.

TLDR; Momo or Yamato or Kinemon will rejoin with the strawhats and will probably venture out with straw hats for the incoming final arc finale. I estimate this to be at the end of Act 4 or possible in Act 5. Having a strong character like Yamato or the fire breathing Momo would help Oda a lot to wrap up missing/difficult plot points for the final arc and this would probably give Oda leverage to increase the stakes on the fight more and more.

P.S I hope this theory turns out to be false. If this theory ends up being most/partially correct, you heard it hear first folks!
I have no problem if Yamato wants to dress like Oden and I have no problem if she wants to look up to Oden, but that is where it should have ended.

Instead Oda made Yamato into a delusional Oden obsessed character.
At this point, I start to think that Yamato was not an actual creation of Oda, but an internal pressure from the editors for a generic fanservice character, a character with big breasts and extremely strong in combat, but not enough unique and innovative traits and characteristics to make part of the main characters. Oda didn't even make a point of drawing the features on Nami's different face.

It was stupid to think for a moment that she would join the crew

carrotnakama always made more sense to any narrative connoisseur
I think his current editor recently said that he has no idea how/when Oda thought up Yamato.
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