Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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Kata ain't that bad but yeah, him allowing Germa to escape due to Caesar's involvement ain't a good luck, especially when the man has Future Sight, great mobility and already beat Ichiji once. I know some feel he's overrated but Germa beating him just wasn't gonna happen though just Caesar Clown aiding in their escape when Kata had Oven as help is just underwhelming.

Atleast this way Judge and Caesar can reunite. Just let Queen go to join up with them and that's most of the old gang back together. Regardless of where Oda goes with guys like King and Queen, I hope we get a cover-story update on the Beast Pirates.
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Tonight (Spanish time) you will have my complete summary of the chapter.
More fanmade scaling.

Katakuris portrayal is that of a 1.057 million berry pirate. Barely higher than jacks and far below Kings or Queens bounty. BMP commanders are weak. They make up for it with powerful mid tiers
Bounties=/= power. We know that's always been the case. Katakuri has better feats than Queen anyways. Please tell what feats Queen has that puts him above Katakuri?
You just can't tell me that Oda didn't have anything in his mind when he gave Katakuri a bounty relative to the YC3 of the beast pirates who was getting bullied by even Queen.

We can make excuses and pretend like it means nothing but that's reality.
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