Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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Oda is the only author that will waste hundreds of panels on fodders reaction shots just to realize at some point he's tired of this shit and off-screen stuff fans actually care about because "no time"
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He did say he likes to draw what he wants to...he likes reactions of his fans so he draws them on panel too :suresure:
How much has Oden's character suffered because of Yamato? Would we hate him less if Yamato didn’t go "I am Oden" every 5 seconds.

Imagine Chopper bringing up Dr. Hiluluk like that, or Wyper bringing up Kalgara like that. Would we hate them too?
But both have grown in different circumstances. Yamato long back stopped introducing herself as Oden, only you people just for some gigs bringing up. She wants to travel like Oden did. That's doesn't equal to her saying 'I am Oden'
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