Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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In any case, I will see what happens the next few chapters. I like Mihawk, so I want to see if there is any appearance by him. If Oda provides any interesting storyline during the next few chapters, I will continue following OP weekly.

Or, nothing interesting happens next few chapters and I become monthly follower or just let chapters pile up before I read them. Issue is, then I have to purchase Viz.

But this type of nothing happens chapters are annoying. And Oda can't finish OP in three years if he continues to publish these filler chapters.
Because I can't go anywhere without seeing you call somebody a ZKK loser.

Status update - you are there. Calling somebody ZKK loser.
Spoiler thread - you are there. Calling somebody ZKK loser.
Random thread - you are there. Calling somebody ZKK loser.
Ground floor - you are there. Calling somebody ZKK loser.

The fact that a month old account sees you like this is a reflection on how pathetic you have been. There is another guy, @Nikuzi and @kenedyfake who brings up ZKK and how Zoro is trash everywhere I go.

That's not on me. That's on you guys.

That being said, I used to lurk here for spoilers before opening an account. I mainly visited Reddit before and decided to cut-off the middle man and went straight to Spoilers page of this site instead. But I don't remember seeing you people so much as I have been seeing lately.
If you don't like Candy Piece you can't be friends with them. :kayneshrug:

Not even Kaido or BM got fucking awakening.Neither one of the Calamaties.Do you rly believe Rain get it?Im not even sure if BB will get awakening

That concept came out of nowere and it seems like only the MC´s get it.Besides Doffy and Katakuri.And in Katakuris case it was not even his ultimate move.Awakening concept is shit
Buddy I'm talking about suke suke no mi awakening.
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