Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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Shimotsuki Ghostly

Loving this new OP arc.
Listen…I’m not saying what I’m about to say solely because I’m high right now, but as much as I wanted Yamato to join the crew, I am still looking forward to all the actual Straw Hats (now with Jinbe, which is cool) traveling together to a new island for the first time since *big, overly tortured sigh* 2013 :pepeshy:
Almost 10 years, holy fuck...

Wonder if they'll make Chopper and Carrot a tag team so that Chopper is the "Perospero/Who's-Who" of the crew again.

VS Big Mom
Chopper + Carrot = Perospero
Robin = Compote
Franky = Oven
Brook = Daifuku

VS Kaido
Chopper + Carrot = Who's-Who
Robin = Black Maria
Franky/Brook = Sasaki
Nami "=" Ulti
Usopp "=" Page One
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