Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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Bc they have been enslaved by the Kurozumi clan for 20 years.

Just use your brain ffs...
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Which again is 100% relatable.

Those citizens have been enslaved for 20 years.

Ofc they wanted to see the Kurozumis burn.

Really not that hard to relate to...
it's just out of character for one piece
it makes sense but goes against the message of other arcs and feels off
For Yamato who was hyped up alot this arc Oda really drew her less this chapter. One panel is just speech bubbles on why she stayed or little panels with her really small lol. :yodawhat: just thought it was interesting.
Can't believe i was attacked for saying before that Rebecca >>>>>> Hiyori. She's like a hundred times the better character in comparison, and yes, both aren't really good.
Rebecca was a shithole damsel in distress to me. Her gladiator scenes were the first time fanservice in this series actually pissed me off.

Hiyori had POTENTIAL to be a good character, but, as usual, after all her talk about being the daughter of a Samurai and killing Orochi, she had to be saved by a man. Heh.
Imagine Hiyori decapitates Orochi, and goes, "You are not evil because you are Kurozumi! Persecution is horrible, but so many of the people I love were persecuted, too! Under your rule, the Kozuki have been hunted and hated! In the past poor Kawamatsu was treated badly, too!

"But, even when we were hated... we never took it out on the people of Wano, like you did! If you hated the Kozuki so much, then you should have taken your revenge against only us! THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US, OROCHI, YOU FAKE OF A LORD! Even after Wano hated us, the Kozuki still loved Wano!

"My brother and I will make this a country where any child, Kozuki or Kurozumi, can be free and happy! That is the country my father wanted, and died for! You and my father were both hated... the difference, is that my father, Kozuki Oden, could take the heat. Can you take it? After all, just like Oden was meant to boil, YOU, Kuruozumi Orochi... were meant to burn."

Oda's a way better writer than I am on nearly all levels, but the way he writes female characters INFURIATES me.
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