Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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fuck Wano

Gear 5th cartoony bullshit that's gonna ruin Akainu and Blackbeard

very meh arc for Zoro

Oda and his massive fake out death clown show to the max during the entire arc

Most trash and annoying side characters ever, fuck scabbards, Yamato, Momo and Tama, i'm tired of these fucking people

So many bullshit power ups for everyone

Kaido and Big Mom not having awakening and losing to awakenings is so fucking stupid

Luffy Joyboy Chosen One fuckery

Ryokugyu the worst fucking Admiral intro ever, shit character

i'm glad we're leaving, fuck this place and arc
i vote for one of the worst, in the sense that i'm probably never gonna find myself in the situation of saying "let's reread wano".
even when it comes to the misteries, we didn't get a lot of answers, just that pluton is below wano and that luffy is joyboy (not that we needed wano for this). the constant fake-outs and skips don't help either. if he really fears not being able to end one piece in reasonable time he shouldn't introduce characters out of the blue and waste time on them instead of writing the ones he already has
let's move on, hopefully the sheer power of buggy will make me like where we're going
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