Was Wano one of the worst arcs in One Piece? How do you rate wano?

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So zoro fans, i wanna know y'all thoughts about Wano for Zoro outside ZKK stuff
zoro still surpassed any expectations i had prior to learning zkk stuff sure my expectations for him were not fulfilled fully,and that's just kinda oh well i hold the L, but his moments vs supernova,roofpiece with his captain,king,enma mastery and finally going all out,1010:steef: and many more will be some of my favorite moments from him.I will say though my biggest thing prior to zkk was more character devolpment and possibly parent stuff and i still want to know why he ties on the bandana in serious moments if there is actually reasoning behind it.
Sure honey...

Always nice rooting for terrorists/enslavers I guess.
You consider children of terrorists to be terrorists?
You think Orochi should have been declared a terrorist as a child, and murdered as a child?

I have no problem blocking assholes who want to tell me that children deserve to be murdered.

If your uncle kills a politician, I'm sure you'll want to get labelled a terrorist and killed for your uncle's crimes, right, honey?
If you It's a pun and not to be taken seriously, that's fine. If you think this is the expression of Hiyori's hatred (which she is justified to do), that's fine.

But if you think extermination of Kurozumi clan is the right call, then that’s messed up.
What I don't get about Yamato staying is that he had already read Oden's diary, so he knew that Oden wandered around Wano before heading out to sea. It's not like this is new info for him. Why wasn't that the plan all along? What changed?
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