Speculations Ssg is a cyborg and it's already here

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  • Ssg is here

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  • Mihawk is yc3

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So we saw that the Cp0 is trying to take over wano if Kaido loses and they sent forces to fight the pirates or the samurai if need be
If you recall Queen said that he is better than any Cyborg Vegapunk could make and usually when someone claims such a thing they are proven wrong and well what a better time to use Ssg if the navy is busy with the warlords
So yeah SSG is a better cyborg than Queen and is already here this theory is based on 0 evidence but it's gonna come true anyway
I'm not that much interested in SSG outside of seeing the technology that made Mihawk irrelevant.
If you surpass Queen's cyborg abilities Mihawk is no use anymore :milaugh:
He is truly yc3 tier
SSG = Warlords
SSG > 4 Fucking Yonkos

mihawk fucking laughing rn :milaugh:
SSG not even worth for kill mihawk boredm but it can Rival 4 Emperors
My money is on perfect replicas of Zoan, Paramecia and Logia, including Mythical Zoan. Just imagine a mass production of Magu Magu, Pika Pika, Kaido's DF or Sengoku's DF. Might sound too op but the limit is that they'd need to experiment on the original DF users and extract their Lineage Factor like Vegapunk did with Kaido.
Some Game of Thrones bullshit
Well, you could say it LULZ but I remember that Vegapank was actually warking in Pank Hazard on creating dragons, like it or not. Why he should done that? Logical answer is simple, the dragons is his next weapon. But ofc just dragons wouldn't be enough...so it will be cyborg dragons. And yes it made sence when you think about name of Celectial Dragons. So...if it's not dragons it should be some crazy powersystem that blown islands
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How do you see them comparing to the CP0 power level wise if you had to bet?
Idk...they should be just better than Pacifista, but then again Oda hyped SSG so much, so maybe it will be something bigger. I believe that could be some crazy power system that could nuke the island. BUT it could be just another cyborg. SO I assumed that if SSG is another cyborgs then it should be dragon-cyborgs
Random theory but what if it ends up being powered up versions of the rest of the zodiac marines
Whether its devil fruit weapons, making them cyborgs, lineage factor stuff, etc

Counting kuzan we have 5/12 leaving exactly 7 more just like how many shichibukai there were
So it could be the 7 of them as the main force replacing the actual shichibukai captains + the other ssg weapons and invention replaceing their crews