Future Events SSG: Oda fake hype ?

SSG will be oda’s number 453535344 fake hype. At this point it’s getting really old... you must be really naive to think otherwise.

here are some very few examples of Oda fake hype:

kaido’s Zoan Army:
All the bullshit of destroying smile and sad in punk hazard and dressrosa and taking down doflamingo was for nothing...turn out they are fodders lol

Literally they shared half of the panel of big mom and kaido announcing their alliance indicating that they are a threat.


Big mom has the best intelligence network and best security of all time:


Kaido has unmatched durability:

kiku the hand butcher has something to say here.

My opinion of what SSG is:

I think it’s simply the new pacafista. Oda likes to repeat characters/concepts/arcs etc etc... examples;
Sanji and Robin I want to live... crocodile/doflamingo ... ace and sabo captured and executed plot (imo)... stussy/kalifa... big mom and Moria powers... Luffy solos the strongest strongest , zoro and sanji the 2,3... dressosa/alabasta...fish man island/arlong...etc
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This is actually a really good post by you. Good analysis.

That is Oda for you, build up as much fake hype as possible, since the fandom will eat up anything he writes. Oda can write Luffy taking a crap and the fandom will consider it great writing.
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Both the Gifters and Numbers have been incredibly disappointing, I’ll give you that. If the SSG is just an army of “upgraded” Pacifistas, that’ll also be a huge letdown. I don’t know what I actually WANT that to be, but I know for sure I don’t want Kuma x100000 :few:
Dang look at you being nice and respectful towards Charlotte. Keep it up.
You are right. It is Pacifista with haki probably. And if they are able to handle top tiers like Hancock, Mihawk and Weevil what kind of asspulling Luffy will need to face them? Just already saying that Luffy will be one shoted by one SSG in his first encounter. Be prepared.


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Whatever they are they are likely to just be better Pacifista’s even if they are something else. But if it’s an army of them they can really only be so powerful individually or they won’t be realistically beatable. Imagine if all of Kaido’s smile users were flying six level lol. It would be utter nonsense for anyone to beat Kaido. Some of the gifter headliner’s as foot soldiers are probably pretty significant compared to your average pirate in the one piece world. But they are obviously fodder to our main characters. But as an army they just have to > marine fodder and other fodder.


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I didn't like what transpired about the Pacifista extensively so far, at least aestethically, if that is going to prove the case. Sounds like a sterile replica although most likely a very efficient one.