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Ratchet Mod-kill
@Ratchet [Jyn Erso] has been mod-killed!​

"We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope."
You are Jyn Erso!

[Active - Rogue One] - Jyn led a dangerous expedition on Scarif to steal the death star plans and discovered its fatal weakness. During the night, you may target a player to learn the ability type of their action that night.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to the Republic
End of Day 5 Vote Tally
EoD Vote Count -

T-Pein™ – Ratchet > LANJI CUCKSMOKE
Lord Melkor – DoctorIndigo
Ratchet – DoctorIndigo
Peroroncino – DoctorIndigo
Blue – DoctorIndigo

DoctorIndigo / LANJI CUCKSMOKE – 3

The lynch will be RNG'ed.
@LANJI CUCKSMOKE [Admiral Ackbar] has been killed!​

"It's a trap!"
You are Admiral Ackbar!
[Active - It's a trap!] - As the brilliant commander that Ackbar is, he's able to immediately detect whether the situation his troops are heading is a trap set by the enemy. Target a player at night, if they're being targeted by a kill, you will warn them and they will hide behind you. 'Hide' as in the hider.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to the Republic
@Blue [Obi-Wan Kenobi] has been killed!

And with that, mafia has gained the majority. The Galactic Empire and The Mandalorian have won the game! Jabba The Hutt and Town have lost the game.

@T-Pein™ is the MVP.

Thank you everybody for playing! Special thanks to @Natalija and @Charlie for helping me out. Charlie with the vote counts and Nat stepped in during my time of no-internet crisis. Round of applause to those two. I have a few comments I would like to make concerning the game. First, my own hosting. This was a really sloppy hosting job for me. My apologies to TAC and Pein for messing up their passives. I kept missing and missing these passives I put in the game. It was just bad all-around for me when it came to processing actions. Next, pertaining to the setup itself, I do believe the game is balanced. Palpatine and Vader were a little op I admit. Palpatine was tricky since Anakin to Vader was a choice, not an auto-mechanism so I had to account for the situation where Anakin stayed town and mafia would need to win with just 4 as opposed to a full 5. I probably shouldn't have made it that Vader survives one lynch. That means town would need to lynch mafia 6 times to win as opposed to 5. Otherwise, aside from those two, everything more or less countered each ability in the game. The indie roles could have been better though.

Pertaining to how the game played out, I want to set this precedence. Town didn't lose this game because of the setup being unfavorable to them or anything like that (which simply isn't true considering that the senate was a very town-favored mechanic with scum's only control being to select who's a senator). Town lost this game through bad gameplay from townies. Town had a good D1, semi-good D2, and flat-out fell off a cliff after that. The day 3 lynch was very ehhhhh, I don't understand why you didn't cfd Ekko as you were about to. Day 4 though, town's worst phase. We already know the mishaps with that one. Even after that Ultra mislynch, even after Anakin turned Vader, town still had a decent chance. Order 66 could have been stopped had Blue blocked T-Pein that night (and no, Pein wouldn't have dodged it since he already dodged Ratchet's invest). And even after Order 66, town still could have won. Ratchet follows his post-restriction, lynch Indigo, have good night actions the following night which could mean that mafia doesn't get a successful and then you'd be in the driver's seat to win the game. And even after Ratchet's mod-kill, town still could have won if they had good night actions on night 5. But sadly, no townie submitted their action. Fuji, I'm not sure why you sided with scum when siding with town was better for your wincon. That confused me.

I don't want to blame town's loss on a single person cause that isn't the case. And it's important to give mafia credit where it's due. Day 4, they stepped up and hard manipulated Melkor and Blue. They had great night actions, especially night 1, which imo saved the game for them. Had Ekko died that night, there's no way they'd have won this game.

Anyway, that is all I have to say. Thanks again for playing. I hope you all enjoyed this game!
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