Chapter Discussion STONE OCEAN ANIME IS OUT : How you want to do it ?

How do we do ?

  • A mega thread for the whole season

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • A thread per week and per episode

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • 2 episodes per week and two threads

    Votes: 3 12.0%

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Lazy is the way
Stone Ocean is released on netflix. As you know Netflix is particular because it drops almost all the episodes in one go. Good for a binge watching but not that good to keep the hype and wait each week for a new episode.

How do you want us to do thing ?

- I create a mega thread for all the episodes and everyone talk in it. (even if people will watch at different pace etc etc)

- I create one thread per week for each episode. To keep the hype and to keep the thread focus on one episode without spoiling the other episodes).

- Given we have all the episodes and we wont be able to resist (12 episodes released) : we can do 2 episodes per weeks (like Wednesday and Sunday)

What do you think ?


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I prefer one thread per week for three motives:
- The anime-only fans can discuss and share their thoughts for every episode, also the manga readers can also share how much they liked the adapation for that episode.
- Doing an episode per week will also allow to share memes/fanarts/etc of that specific episode.
- We'll be able to discuss during more time about JoJo and that's always a good thing.
I will watch it on Sunday starting from episode 1. Watching it weekly. I dont want to finish it all in one binge.
But i think you should create all episode threads now. Not everyone is gonna be watching those episodes at one sitting and not everyone is gonna watch it week to week. And the person finished can comment on episode 12 thread too. Maybe some of the threads are gonna be empty but its the safest way i assume.

Dont create a megathread some people can spoil other people like that. Lets say i watched the third episode but he is talking about episode 9.

Gorosei Informer

A thread per episode per week seems like the most logical/best option, especially given the reasons some of you gave here to ofc. Definitely makes a lot of sense.

I'm a manga reader and I know exactly how devastating spoilers can be for this part especially, so I'm very concerned for people new to this part, this is the biggest risk they will face in the series by far. I really can't say why ofc, it's hard to describe but I can't emphasise how absolutely important this part is to the series compared to to the others.
I'm not sure what the best approach would be here then regarding the risk of manga spoilers?


Wonderful World

A thread per episode per week is the best way to go about this.

You don't want to have this part spoiled, like at all. Plus, taking the one-episode approach should prevent discussions from getting too chaotic.

@Bakazuki Bakainu You ended up just reading it? :kobeha:I hope I didn't somehow spoil you during our conversations. If so, I'm sorry.
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Neither of those 3. All have issues. Mega-thread because of spoilers and week-to-week because it forces those who did watch ahead to wait. If I binged it all in a day, I'd rather not way 12 weeks just so I can discuss episode 12. It sounds silly and unnecessary.

I agree with @Sasparan on creating all the threads at once. If you want to discuss episode 8, you can go to the episode 8 thread, if you want to discuss episode 3, you can go to the episode 3 thread. Nobody is forced to wait weeks to start discussing a certain episode and spoilers are avoided. This is the fairest way possible. The other 3 options help one side while hurting the other. This 4th option helps both and hurts neither.

Also, about keeping the hype. You can't do that anymore since the episodes got released in a whole batch. Doing it week to week won't solve that issue. Everyone can still watch more than one episode in a sitting if they wanted, everyone can read the title and description of the next episode. Keeping the hype is no longer possible.


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I voted a thread per week, but then I finished all 12 episodes during work breaks lol

Great job so far, but the pacing is a little too fast though. I never expected them to reach "that" point 12 episodes in. That's 50 chapters per 12 episodes :shame:

I hope the next set of episodes are a little slower. As a manga reader it didn't matter much, but I could see first time watchers having trouble absorbing the info dumps as the super fast paced battles are going on.