Info Story Missions

Sometimes you just want to get away from that daily grind of capturing islands, plundering endless supplies of booty and deciding what NPC you want to heartlessly murder next in your quest for that perfect devil fruit for your besty. Welcome to Story Missions!

Put simply, a Story Mission is any pre-planned quest that you set your character or team of characters upon with the goal of crafting a well-written storyline that you feel may become a good read. This is in contrast to the normal Island Struggle Missions where your goal is to conquer an island by any means necessary and hold it in player versus player death matches for monetary gain. Rules for Story Missions are:

▶ Story Missions must be planned ahead of time and submitted for approval to this thread according to the available template. You don't need to wait for approval before beginning the thread, but keep in mind that an unapproved thread isn't viable for Story Mission rewards. Once completed, post the completed Story Mission with a link to the thread in this area.

▶ A Story Mission doesn't necessarily require combat to be involved, but there should at least be an identifiable obstacle to overcome with some difficulty and a conclusion of satisfying quality. Two characters sitting down and becoming acquainted with a picnic on the lawn and then departing is not good enough to become a Story Mission unless you add some really good conflict either between the two or between the two and someone else.

▶ NPCs aren't necessary, but are likely recommended to craft a good, long story. Canon One Piece characters are available to be used as you please in your Story Mission so long as they're still alive, but may only be killed during the course of it if approved by a GM beforehand. If a canon NPC is stationed on an island they may be reserved for the story mission unless a request has already been made for that NPC to be played by someone for an ensuing Island Struggle.

▶ NPCs in your Story Mission can be played by literally anyone of your choosing, including yourself. If someone not taking part in the story as a PC chooses to NPC a Story Mission they will be graded and receive rewards for their character just as if they were playing normally in the Story Mission.

▶ Special Story Missions may be announced from time to time with additional rewards aside from the usual experience and beri bounty! These missions will be specially run and NPCed by one of the GMs and may even award rare and coveted devil fruits at completion!

▶ Rewards will be based entirely on the quality of an individual's posts in the finished mission and will be awarded separately to each character. The more well-written and entertaining your posts are the better your reward will be in turn. Sure, since you're creating and running your own enemy NPCs you could make them really easy to defeat and complete your mission in a snap, but your rewards will be awful due to your lack of any real effort. Make it good. Attempts to abuse this system by making several small and insignificant missions in quick succession will be punished with minimal or even zero rewards.

Rewards are as follows:
Rating Performance:
1-1,000 experience and 1,000,000-10,000,000 beri
Number of Posts: 1 for every post (each character has a separate count)
Multiply both.
In a solo thread, a post will be counted as every 15 lines (not including paragraph spaces).

Story Mission Submission Template:
[b]Mission Location:[/b] Location where the Story Mission will take place
[b]Participants:[/b] Who will be playing and earning rewards for this mission
[b]Overview:[/b] A brief synopsis of what will happen in the Story Mission. You don't need to be too detailed here.