Theory Straw hats will fight new pacifistas

Assuming wg will keep control of new pacifistas, what straw hats fights each of the pacifistas??

Luffy vs blackbeard pacifista or weevil pacifista

Zoro vs mihawk pacifista

Robin vs boa pacifista

Franky vs Kuma pacifista

Brook vs the shadows power guy pacifista

Nami vs ??? Crocodile pacofosta because he powers counter his sand powers

Usopp vs ???

Sanji vs doflamingo pacifista or kuma pacifista as rematches????
Agreed i highly doubt the strawhats are all strong enough for the seraphim. Only seraphim fights that make sense

Luffy vs boa seraphim
Zoro vs mihawk seraphim
Jinbei vs Jinbei seraphim

Im not that big of a fan of the seraphim, not to keen on empty enemies who are incredibly powerful. And when tf is oda gonna tell the strawhats what the lunarians are
The seraphim seem to be very powerful. Mihawk seraphim fought Blackbeard and made him use haki to defend. It seems that they are at least on first commander level and also still learning and collecting fighting data as vegapunk said that the data from fighting sanji and co is valuable. If he can synchronize that data with pink records and than share their experiences with one another they will grow rapidly and be beasts. Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe are probably the only ones who can beat them.
I don't think that they all super strong since they each inspired from previous warlord that are not all super strong

Like even king was maybe one of the strongest lunarians, not the average lunarian.

Also one has mohawk genes that likely boost him lot compared to say if there is a buggy pacifista