Future Events Strawhats vs Blackbeard Pirate Matchups

Fight Matchups have become so predictable in one piece, it's really getting boring now.

Zoro and Sanji deserve better. Why must Luffy always take all the glory of fighting the main boss? Come on ODA change this and at least make the Team Battle come back.
W are aaready getting a team battle in this arc and in WG arc.

Luffy vs Teach.

Zoro vs Shiryuu.

Sanji vs San juan Wolf( he faces giant guys).

Jinbei vs Burgess.

Nami vs Lafite.

Brook vs 10 Titan ??.

Robin vs catarina Devon.

Franky vs Vasco shot.

Yamato vs Avalo Pizarro.
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Usopp vs Van Auguer.

Chopper vs Doc Q.
Yamato vs Devon makes much more sense than Nami vs Devon

Mythical Canine Zoan vs Mythical Canine Zoan
Ice-themed canine vs fire-themed canine
Woman vs woman
Yamato has an identity disorder, Devon can look like anyone she wants
This could happens.

Yamato vs Devon: Mythical Zoan types users and a Inu Inu no mi users.

Same as Yamato vs Avalo Pizarro: boths has horns, Pizarro was a ex-King, Yamato was mean to be a Shogun(King), Corrupted(Chaos) vs Oni(Demonic).


Oda's accuser
I'mma stick with my principal.

Luffy vs Teach
Zoro vs Shiryu
Sanji vs Lafitte or Pizarro
Usopp vs Van Augur
Nami vs Lafitte or Pizarro
Chopper vs Doc Q
Robin vs Devon
Franky vs Burgess
Brook vs Vasco Shot
Jinbei vs Sanjuan Wolf
Yamato vs Tenth Titanic
No Sanji vs Burgess so? 🧐
Yamato vs Devon makes much more sense than Nami vs Devon

Mythical Canine Zoan vs Mythical Canine Zoan
Ice-themed canine vs fire-themed canine
Woman vs woman
Yamato has an identity disorder, Devon can look like anyone she wants
Exactly, couldn’t have said it better, as soon as Yamato revealed her fruit I was set on this. What’s also interesting in the Okami video game Amaterasu(the wolf protagonist) has a boss fight against a nine tailed fox spirit, surely some kind of mythology is at play here. Devon hunts beautiful woman so I get why they match her up w Nami or Robin because of this but Yamato is also a beautiful woman.
You know what's strange is how we haven't seen BB Yc2, yet his reveal is gonna be something else but and anyone saying it's burgess is just wrong lol he's more like Jinbe opponent or Franky
Or it’s the person:
1. Who was hyped by Tsuru
2. Was called the chief of staff
3. Is shown to be one of the leaders in the manga
4. Was introduced next to Zoros opponent
5. Opened the gates of justice for the BB Pirates to enter Marineford like Sanji closed for the SH Pirates to escape Enies Lobby
Luffy vs Blackbeard

Zoro vs Burgess

Sanji vs Shiryu

Reason for Zoro vs Burgess is simple, it's plausible that Burgess will eat Jozu's fruit at some point which would make him a perfect matchup for Zoro's progression

Reason for Sanji is also simple, the connection between Shiryu's fruit and Sanji, they're also both quite similar in that Oda said Shiryu uses his fruit to peek on women, the same thing Sanji would do if he had it, furthermore, it would greatly subvert expectations given that 99% of the fandom is adamant that it's Zoro vs Shiryu.
Mirror match ups.

100% confident in these

Luffy v. Teach
Zoro v. Shiryuu
Nami v. Lafitte
Chopper v. Doc Q
Usopp v. Van Auger
Jinbe v. Burgess
Franky v. Sanjuan Wolf

These are tricky but my best guesses.

Brook v. Vasco Shot
Sanji v. Pizaro
Robin v. Catrina
Yamato v. 10th Captain
Lol this is like the 1000th thread of BB pirates vs SH
So here are my guesses
Luffy vs Teach
Zoro vs shiryu
About Sanji
Many people says that either laffite or burgues are BB 3rd strongest but burgues has a 20000 bounty and laffite has a 42200 bounty there bountyes are below Doxc Q and augur

there's no way Sanji is going to fight any of them laffite chief of staff possition is because he is smart not strenght
Burgues 20.000
Laffite 42.200
Augur 64.000
Doc Q 72000
BB original 5 seems to be the weakest of the crew and they are reserved for brok and the weak trio
But instead chopper vs Doc Q we will get brook vs Doc Q since his epithet is shinigami
Ussop vs augur(obvious,snipers
Nami vs laffite (both navigator and nami is also smart )
Chopper vs burguess who semms to be the weakest of the crew and more like a brawler who can match chopper abilities
The rest will fight ID prisioners
Franky vs san juan wolf seems clear since oda draw franky like a battleship in the last sbs and san juan wolf has that epithet
Yamato vs Devon though devon is known for haunt and rape beatiful women she has a fox theme ,like yamato
Robin and jinbe vs pizarro and vasco shot both seems to be in the same level i would love a two vs two and it semms that oda is pairing robin and jinbe it would be very lovely
That will leave sanji vs the hidden member who probably is going to be the third stronger and before you guys came up with ´´it's moria´´ dude was hyped from befor
Thank you for saying that. ID prisoners have a different level of hype, they should be the strongest ones along with Shiryu. The 10th could be anywhere really so its early to predict, it will depend if hes a man/woman, known/new character etc. But of the known members BB > Shiryu > ID > OG
Jinbe vs Burgess also makes sense since both of their fighting styles involve shockwaves.
Though personality-wise i would love it if we got a wrestling match between Franky and Burgess lol