Theory Sun God Nika - The Origin Story

This theory is out there and 90% is head cannon, but I'll be going full force with this off the confidence I received for predicting Luffy's fruit.

So devil fruits... where do they come from and how are they connected to Luffy?

I believe all devil fruit came from one tree, one that was already mentioned, The treasure tree Adam.

This next part is pure speculation but indulge me for a bit.

This tree was called a treasure tree due to the fruits it bore, fruits that gave people unimaginable powers...devil fruits. Because of this, it caused conflicts and countless wars to arise, but the tree remained standing.

So how was it that this tree bore these fruits?

In Fisherman island, we were given the explanation that the Sunlight Tree Eve, absorbed light from above and transferred light and oxygen to its roots, allowing for life to be possible 10 000 feet in the ocean. I believe the Adam tree had a similar concept, it absorbed elements in the atmosphere condensed them and created fruits of that element.

Zoan - Animals ate fruits (normal) that fell from the tree, and when they died, their essence was absorbed by the roots and the animal was reborn as a fruit.
Logia - The tree absorbed all the weather, fires, lightning through its roots and the tree converted them into devil fruits.
Paramecia - When humans discovered these magical fruits, they fought over them, they brought weapons. Adam created fruits based off these events and they became paramecia.

One day a boy went out to sea to find this treasure tree and when he finally found it, the tree had no fruit. People tried to chop it down to make use of its steady wood but the tree stood firm. After searching it up and down, he discovered the tree had golden resin. Being hungry from his long journey he decided to eat it.

The boy soon discovered that the resin had altered his body's and due to this discovery laughed uncontrollably. It was due to this special resin that the tree was resilient. It was due to this resin that it was able to make so many fruits. The resin was the trees true treasure and after the boy consumed it the tree finally fell.

The boy named Nika, ignited his hair due to body heat escaping through his head, he had the ability to make his body do anything he wished, fight however he wished. With this new found strength, Nika had the power to change the world and thus Nika the Sun God, he who was akin to the Dawn was born.