Powers & Abilities Taming Enma is not hard nor impressive

because he doesn't have right... did you even read the post?
The swords belong to Hiyori and Momo

Hiyori gave her sword Zolo
while Momo still has habakiri
No he said if I were you I won't take it.
As in Kinnemon is in same situation as Zoro, he has the opportunity to take Enma, given to Zoro by the one to whom Enma belongs to (Hiyori), he still won't take it.

Lmaoo this post right there shows intellectual dishonesty.
Why are Sanjitards so pathetic?
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- Maybe it will take too long for him to tame Enma before the raid
So it is impressive because Zoro did it pretty fast?
You wasted your time with this post.
While all of what u said does make sense on a pure logical basis, the only thing you prove with this, if anything, is that the statement about nobody except oden being able to tame/use enma is a plothole cause nobody ever tried. So yeah, you could say it's a plothole by Oda but i think Oda would have an explanation for it even if he would pull it out of his ass.
After all Oda made Hitetsu say that nobody was able to tame Enma except Oden and that a normal swordsman using it would be a husk for a reason.
Kinemon was visibly frightened and warned Zoro to not use the sword because of it's power/haki drawback how would he know about that though if he or anyone else but oden never tried using it?
Arguments could be made that while Oden was in possession of Enma other Samurai and/or the scabbards felt it's power and asked Oden if they could try and hold it, which Oden let them do and immediately they felt that it was to powerful for them, that'd probably be the explanation Oda would give if he was asked in an SBS.
Also Oden was portrayed a monster even when he was a kid so therefore also an argument could be made about 10 yrs old Oden > adult scabbards.
Kinemon can't tame Enma, he is scared of using it . He is warning Zoro because he sees the dangers of using Enma when the wielder is not strong enaugh.
Everyone is impressed when they see Zoro draw back his own haki because they have never seen anyone tame it before except Oden.
We know kids can tame Enma, taming Enma is not strength nor haki feat
Oden was know to be especially strong and an 'early bloomer' since his childhood. What ordinary kid wages wars on Yakuza and builds a harem?
If kid Oden was able to tame Enma and people like adult Kinemon still don't want to accept it this is rather a testament to Oden's strenghth and that of everyone who can use Enma. As of now, the only person who can accomplish this feat is Zoro.

So face it, it IS an impressive feat. Your Zoro downplaying is just sad.