Speculations Tashigi is fighting Stussy

Mr. Go was noticeably stronger than x- Drake
Lucci and Kaku going from being on par with Luffy and Zoro pre ts, then getting stonger only to ending up on par with Chopper and Brook is trash yes lol.

Also the Seraphims are supposed to replace the Warlods, which are canonically beoynd the reach of any F6 member and Kuma....If the Seraphim is going to be anywhere close to the other Sxeraphim, then Shogun Franky get's spanked.
X Drake will beat Lucci


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢

If Stussy jobs to one of the biggest Marine jobbers then it will truly be disappointing.

Funny how I call CP0 fodders but there is still Tashigi.


- Bodyguards of the most important world nobles
- Member of the strongest Cp unit
- Among the strongest member of the Cp0 Unit
- Being on a mission to infiltrate the most advanced and important scientist of the world

Remember when pre Ts Drake was a former Rear Admiral and being Luffy's and Zoro's Rival?
Navy Hq captain Tashigi and weak trio member Chopper going to take care of them...:mrgo:
Oda is going to pull a call back to Punk Hazard. Where Nami and Robin couldn’t fight Monet because she doesn’t have haki, Tashigi will step in and this will be her moment Oda redeems her by showing that she is competent and can win without outside help.

The Straw Hats shined last arc and got a power up so they don’t need a big fight with Stussy just a clash maybe. Someone may be turned into a hypetool by Stussy though, we gotta see where scales to somehow.

Tashigi is 100% Stussy’s fight I’m sure of it. Momma Tashigi will have to fight off the evil Stussy who sees the kids as fine canidates for CP0
I love your idea of CP0 taking the kids as future agents of evil.

Maybe Stussy is gonna take down one of Vegapunk's body to hype her.

Tashigi & Nami vs Kaku & Stussy to protect the children or Vegapunk is perfect. I want them to grow closer, and they would be besties for sure :owo:
Lucci is a fraud who lost to pre time skip Luffy

Fodder masked agents who lose to Izo with a hole in his chest and who just got done fighting 100 pirates are in a different league compared to him
Crocodile lost to pre ts Luffy, now he is placed in the same light as Mihawk, even teamed up with him with the notion that their alliance would be so fruitful that they’d be considered as a threat to the WG, which in turn granted their organization a yonko title.