Character Discussion Tell me your favorite characters.

I love Luffy because he embodies joy and freedom. He is daring and pursues his dream without worrying about the constraints of society. He’s also a force who changes people for the better.

I love Zoro because he embodies hard work. He’s always striving to improve himself and doesn’t make excuses. Zoro’s stoicism is another thing that I admire about him.

I love Robin because she finally has a family in the Strawhats. She is learning to live life without shame and I enjoy her quiet and introspective personality. Also her warped sense of humor is the best.

Smart, kind, strong, flawed, just like a real human being.

From SH crew I also like Robin, Nami and Zoro.

Law is also a cool character. Bege surprisingly won me over in WCI. Same with Pudding, didn't care about her much, but now I'm excited she's kinda relevant again.

Blackbeard and Akainu are the villains I love to hate.

Carrot actually was fun, I just didn't see her as a future SH. Vivi and Yamato were also interesting.

There are tons and tons of characters in OP, so it would take me too long to list all of those I like, but surprisingly there aren't that many characters I outright hate (Oden!) and a few were really annoying to me (Shirahoshi, Rebecca, Momo).


Slave Knight Gael
Wolf knight Artorias
Sister Friede
Malenia blade of mikhaela
Lady Maria of the astral clocktower