Is jinbe gonna witness greatness soon?

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EACH time someone else take over the pacifista there is change in matchup. When Lucci took control zoro fought kaku. When york took control zoro fought s-hawk. When kizaru took control zoro is fightning lucci. When saturne will take control zoro will fight....
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Also remember zoro has yet to have his protect everyone and captain moment. him telling luffy to focus on kizaru is no different to killer telling kidd to be carefull with shanks before stepping in.


When Bandana is on, expect attacks like

- Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai
- King of Hell, Three-Sword Serpent: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation.
- Asura: One Mist Silver
- Asura: Demonic Nine Flashes
- Asura: Blades Drawn Dead Man's Game.
- Rengoku Oni Giri

to show and yeah with AdCoC , nobody's right in their Mind
In egghead to tank them straight up.
Even current Kaido would struggle lol

Non-zoro fans better wish Zoro doesn't put on Bandana
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I just realised

Before Sabaody , Zoro coined 108 Pound Phoenix in Skypea.

After Time skip with Haki edition it became 1080 Pound Phoenix.

Means base attacks got 10 times stronger.

In wano with Explosive Ryou Release it became twice Stronger.

20 times.

With Adcoc it became 5x.

Making it 100x Stronger.

Luffy Dialogue of 100 times stronger suddenly started to make a lot of sense.

With KoH , 2x more.
And Ashura , 3x more.

Hence 200 times and 300 times respectively.
Simple meths , don't blame me , Zoro is just the guy.
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Y'all tf Lunarian have wings for?
I haven't seen any of Seraphims Fly or King Fly without Pteradon Wings.
Are wings only for show? But they grow as the Person grows unlike Skypea People
Do Lunarian Loose their hax if their Wings are destroyed?
If yes , Aramaki vs King and Queen is Debunked.
We didn't flames even once After Zoro defeated King.
So Lucci still want to fight luffy after seeing his fight with kizaru and giant form? lmao, luffytards realy though lucci view view himself inferior. And Zoro was only talking about lucci not getting to fight luffy because zoro too strong and lucci is unlucky he is against him.
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"The Second of an emperor of the sea is more than worth killing on his own"
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Since english isn't my first language I had some trouble like wouldn't expect to get a Shot fighting our captain=still what the other translation says you are too weak
We'll see but The second of an emperor of the sea is more than worth killing=he stills wants to kill luffy and is wanking zoro too
About Japanese comunity they're hyping lucci too much didn't expect that
And the nedding help it was referring to lucci because he is still bothering them nothing about the huffing or shitty agendas
So yeah nothing to dehype zoro this week actually the other way around a lot of hype with VIZ translation
We'll wait for more info
Sukuna vs go jo is basically what Zoro vs shiryu will be at its climax. zoro having trouble to bypass nothingless ( like go jo's infinity), unlock adcoo (mahoraga) which will show him how to do it then zoro cut nnthing (affect space) beating shiryu in a one shot.
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