Oda will not miss all this build up for Zoro and leave it with just that King vs Zoro. I am pretty sure.

In previous arc Zoro never express this amount of attachment and emotions that we saw in Wano such as:
feelings of anger and a sense of compassion and happiness with the Ebisu village (one of the poorest in the land).

Zoro is the one who testified more to the suffering of the Wano people, the extent of corruption in this country,
It would be ridiculous if Oda ratified everything that happen to this people just because Luffy is having fun against Kaido..... (it would be the worst narrative ending in One Piece). Kaido is the cause for the downfall in Wano, and him becoming an ally would be an insult to this guys.

I cant accept that this Zoro is okay with Kaido coming out alive from Wano.
Trust me you don't want Mihawk's base colors , if i use the black it will be a copy pasta of Sanji's theme with less colors, while if i use his shirt's color you'll loose your eyesight in a week at most, so i can either try variations of that ( like a dark brown close to his shirt ) or be creative and go for something different
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A dark brown wouldn't be bad even if it's not really yelling mihawk
A 2 for 1 theme. Mihawk theme for a week then a Fujitora theme after my retinas burn out, what a steal.