I love it and it makes a lot of sense the parallel between Shanks sacrificing his arm for Luffy and Mihawk training someone who is aiming to dethrone him is too obvious. I also really like the part where Shanks failed to recruit Mihawk where as Luffy succeeded, someone who has the same ceiling and perfectly capable of being a rival if he choose to, one of the things that makes Zoro so lovable imo. Thanks for sharing bro


Kitetsu Wanker
It would explain why other top tier swordsman Roger, Shanks and Rayleigh don’t have a black blade.
It doesnt explain it to me if that is all it takes to get a black blade... :sus:
Like fodder swords may have a will that is something easily achievable and yet, it hasn't happened...
It would mean that whoever strikes Kaido down while holding Enma, would be able to forge it black...
When do you guys think the mink meds will wear off? Because WHEN it finally happens this man will be so dead. I'm already scared of it.:josad:

zoro shown nothing happened and carried the pain even with his training with mihawk
he also carried mihaek wound for 2 years.

i am not about that.
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Oda will not miss all this build up for Zoro and leave it with just that King vs Zoro. I am pretty sure.

In previous arc Zoro never express this amount of attachment and emotions that we saw in Wano such as:
feelings of anger and a sense of compassion and happiness with the Ebisu village (one of the poorest in the land).

Zoro is the one who testified more to the suffering of the Wano people, the extent of corruption in this country,
It would be ridiculous if Oda ratified everything that happen to this people just because Luffy is having fun against Kaido..... (it would be the worst narrative ending in One Piece). Kaido is the cause for the downfall in Wano, and him becoming an ally would be an insult to this guys.

I cant accept that this Zoro is okay with Kaido coming out alive from Wano.
zoro didn't even release his anger about this
he didn't do this with king.

so it will only be with kaidou.

about oda messages watch luffy
nah it doesn't really matter at all

all these years of wano
2018 ,2019, 2020 ,2021
oda never said anything about zoro at all never hyped him outside the manga in wano .

but even with this we got all these crazy feats and build up.

so i think oda wanted zkk and other zoro feat to be surprise for casuals but has build up for hard fans
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