Ghostly Reflections

Clown In A Ghost Town
Idk if this has been brought up or discussed before but anyone else think there is a connection here for Zoro?:

The Skypeian on the left has 3 apparent earrings like Zoro does and Zoro's earrings are golden too. We don't know why he wears them nor

It might be coincidence but I doubt it with Oda especially given we have learnt about Zoro in this arc of all arcs too and so far in OP too. Oda is hiding and having to answer a LOT about him and I wish he would stop blue balling us and show us already.

His resemblance to Ushimaru for example is really bugging me too. Zoro is also Spanish for fox which makes things even more confusing. Well written as "Zorro" ofc.