oml the classic “If Zoro does it, it’s not cool anymore” happened with conquerors coating, rooftop supernovas, controlling enma, etc.

I’m not interested in powerscaling but it’s so tiring to see his portrayal always being pushed down like this. I don’t even disagree that it shouldn’t be dragged out that long but why would something he does be at the expense of another character??? It’s not like him getting stronger means that other characters become weaker, it all coexists at the same time :giogio:
Brago spitting on his stream, there's no way that you watch the anime and think that Zoro doesn't shit on everyone on that rooftop, and then Zoro gets so much stronger while 2 of them got a couple of gimmicks, Killer still the same dude Zoro oneshotted, at least Luffy is the MC. :myman:
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"I love him and think he is badass"