The Road To Harmony
That Tatsumaki was pretty meh, but I do like that Toei are placing emphasis on Enma and its wielder Zoro. I feel this was something Oda failed to communicate in the manga, so it naturally made it seem like the sword was doing all the work when in reality, the power output Zoro was putting into his attacks simply reminded him of how "monstrous" Oden was as a swordsman.

The Scabbards shocked him in how they were able to hurt him at all. Zoro shocked him for how badly he could hurt him.

if u interested this is ravana , the greatest emperor of asia and king of our country. but he doesnt have 10 heads as they said its a battle techniq(similar to zoros asura) and thats the where his own brother betrayed him sneaking with rama

sita was ramas wife or smt and its said Ravana kidnapped her for revange ravanas sister. it said he had a flying ship and great technology's.

hanuma is a monkey who turn his self into a giant(also he is fodder like luffy who set fire to his own tail and rampaged around my country( as the history says)

the war happend between Ravana vs rama, ramas brother, hanuma, and ravanas own borther at the last moment

also it says Ravana could be the king of the world.

most people belive ravanas ship is still here which called "dhadumonara"