Should Stacks get unbanned her?

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Amen to that man. I just hope the heavens are ready for Zoro's name, the King of Hell to reach them and for Kiri's grand entrace too! We were blessed by Heaven to have Kiri amongst us and now she's gonna do the same for Heaven in return!

"So famous that even heaven will hear of my great name!"
Fame=bounty for a pirate. At least 3.6B is guaranteed but that's on Zoro, let's see what the Strawhats bring to the table and how much will that be worth.
It's about time our boy does something.
I'm enjoying the narrative that Luffy has to fight and defeat Kizaru, Akainu's guy and Zoro's parallel while he's already having a multiple chapters fight, can't imagine the shitstorm if that doesn't happen. :milaugh:
i don't want to be negative just realistic I already hate oda for leaving zoro behind idk what's he's planning with him if he's gonna stay on the sunny for the rest of the arc
CP0 arrive instead going to the lab they use S-bear power to break in and cause havoc in the city
Kaku last chapter was going up right where the sunny is but lolda nah let's just hype vegapunk defence system
Vegapunk this chapter magically appears in his lab
Jinbe and chopper are going up somehow there will be a magic stairs or some elevator that takes them to the lab
And now kizaru his nephew is hurt and just wait for the plot where rupee ofc will be the main attraction and somehow kuma is just going to appear in front of them
rn there could be a bomb that zoro and Brook are going to be like this