Thatguy trial

Do you believe he's insane?

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@ThatGuy couldn't act crazy to save his life..... I mean that literally. His acting skills are so bad that they could not even be called rock bottom, more like subterranean. He has negative acting skills. :goatasure:

But can ya'll give a recap up to this point?
Let's begin.
@ThatGuy has been charged with the following
1 count of dark wizardry
1 count of 1st degree murder of @ThatWife
1 count of a hate crime against Italians

and 2 crimes so heinous I will not be naming them by name.

The prosecution and defense may begin their opening statements
@Objection! @DarkestKnightofSpoilers
The the beginning it was great, he was always there when I needed him, he'd take me wherever I wanted to go (so as long as we could afford it). Then our kids were born and at first everything was normal but then everything changed with the death of thiskid. His demeanor changed completely! From a loving father, to a raging madman who'd beat his own wife! It escalated when he met Thatslut!
Do you think that his change was caused by the kids, of whom he deeply loves?
So he loves them very deeply.

So the issue is you.

Tell me, if I were to show you pictures of you doing a naked hand stand with @Roo, do you think that could have drained this marriage? Maybe make your husband feel less loved?
So are you familiar Garfield’s law? It’s where the domestic dispute beginning from infidelity can be excused due to said infidelity. Ergo, this case would actually fall on you, per the Supreme Court v. Lawrence Garfield
Your whorish ways are on record. According to Garfield’s law, you are liable to a counter suit.

which my client is pursing.
The defense goes for a counter suit!

This is one hell of a trial for sure!​
The gist of it.

This is only day 2 btw 😂
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