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Really Wanna See Sanji Using the Black Haki , The Cloaked Kinda Thing, Although I really Doubt we'll Get To see It , Whole Cake Island was the perfect Opportunity But I guess Not
Sanji will maybe used black haki against his main opponent in Wano (Queen), but now we have the RS I haven't big hopes in his haki mastery in this arc. The RS will likely be the main PU this arc (and it sucks)

Impressive that Sanji and Robin were the only ones to guess.
Sanji and Robin are the brains of the SH (with Nami too). The other might be smart but more in their own field (health, mecanics etc).
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So I have Got On terms With the fact That Most Sanji Fans Here Dont really like The Raid Suit at All , Now Now Dont Get Me Wrong But If Zoro Can be Given Upgraded Swords To Make Him Stronger Then Whats The Big O Deal with Sanji ? I mean The Raid Suit Has A Cool Design with a Fongo Name , The Feats Are Impressive Too right ? I'm All In For Sanji To Fight Queen Or Anyone for that matter In the raid Suit although I do Fear If the Raid Suit Becomes Common I have. NO doubt That We Wont See Sanji use Cloaked Haki Ever And That Kinda Sucks