Speculations The 1% man Hawkins was talking about is....


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It's probably Kidd or Luffy honestly.

Luffy was near to dying when he was thrown into the sea but Kidd is not experiencing too much of a better life either.
Options are Luffy, Kidd, Law, Drake. Kaido at most, but if his chances really were 1% Hawkins would have changed side already.
Killer is confirmed 8% and Zoro has weak connections with Hawkins.

Drake is far fetched too tbh, since Hawkins told to Drake "that man", meaning he wasn't in the room.
There’s one way… and although unlikely, is possible.

Something happened a few days ago on the reverie involving Sabo, vivi, and Kuma. If Sabo’s on the run, he would probably avoid meeting up with the revolutionaries immediately as thatd cause unnecessary issues.

With Sabo having Luffys vivre card, knowing about frankys technological advances and kumas past with Luffy, and Vivi being a Nakama of Luffy there’s a chance those three may come to wano which would make an interesting mirror to Thriller bark with Kuma dying by taking Zoros pain.
this would be insane...My Heart :sweat::sweat::sweat:
I am not leaning toward Luffy because 1. He already made a prediction about Luffy's survival for the month and it was much higher 2. If it was Luffy he would have probably mentioned strawhat rather than saying someone
That was 2 weeks prior the raid, we don't even know when the month is over.

We both can still agree that now the raid looks like < 50% for the Samurai alliance, and that feels off...
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The Scene would have 0 meaning, cuz the Statement was addressed to Drake
It's not about Hawkins, it must be someone related to Drake
So candidates are:

1. Drake himself
2. Law (The One that Drake saved & betrayed Hawkins for)
3. Luffy (The Supernova that Law trusted to help him Defeat Kaido & also Highest Bounty in Alliance)

He could have checked Kaido too, but if it was him, he would have switched sides due to 1%

Since Luffy was already given a Percentage when he entered Wano alongside Zoro
There is Big Chance that Hawkins is referring to either Drake or Law
And i'm 90% leaning towards Law
Or it could be that Hawkins had been checking Luffy and Zoro's survival rate periodically since he first encountered them, and noticed a significant drop in Zoro's, so he kept checking him.

Hawkins is a man who plays the odds, so it would make sense for him to keep tabs on those who entered the Country with the objective to oppose and take down Kaido in case the odds ever shift in their favor.

The Thriller Bark parallel has already been setup for Zoro with this miracle drug. He's going to be receiving double the pain of everything he has endured already, plus what's to come. It just seems out there for Oda to set that up, and it not be linked to Hawkins prediction.

Hawkins has engaged Luffy, Zoro, and Law during the arc, and had a questionable moment with Drake. It would make more sense if he's been looking into all of them over the course of Wano, rather than focused on any single one of them.
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Is there anyone left who thinks it is someone else beside either Zoro of Luffy?

Looks like Oda is basically offpanelling everyone else to randomly make them them the 1%.
Sanji His body is feeling weird He Got in a fight with Hawkins in the bathhouse he Said next time I see that guy I’ll beat him He’s a fan
The 1% man Hawkins was talking about is Zoro. Zoro was severely injured by Hakai and had to take the Zou medicine. This medicine is going to amplify the pain and damage further later. Zoro will defeat King, while taking a little more damage. Then all straw hats will gather to support Luffy in his fight against Kaido. Zoro may take severe damage again from Kaido. However, Luffy will beat up Kaido and nerf him but fail at last o completely stop him. At this point, Zoro will get up for one last attack and kill Kaido. After this, Zoro will fall down and will be near dead. Of course, he will ultimately not die as Chopper, Marco, or Law will somehow save him. But Zoro may get out of commission for the next whole arc.
So far you're on the right track.:suresure::suresure: