Speculations The 1% man Hawkins was talking about is....

It’s either Kidd or Drake. Most likely Kidd. He’ll probably reveal it to Killer soon in their current fight. Kidd has been a pretty unlucky character and he’s fighting a Yonko while dealing with Hawkins, so him having a 1% chance of survival makes senses and would people finally make Hawkins start doubting his cards if Kidd were to overcome these odds (which he we will).

Look at his shirt even lol. 99% chance of death.
Straight Kidd, Drake is not the 1% man
Everything fits and is a build up for the incoming greatness

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It's either Kid or Luffy. Zoro's life won't be in danger. King isn't a threat to Zoro's life; he may make him struggle but that's about it. Zoro may not even go all out on King. He will be extremely damaged, but he'd still be on the safe side.

With Luffy though, Oda may use it to rise the tension later on—Luffy had it too easy so far, tbh. It also makes sense for Hawkins to check his chances of survival considering Luffy's the ring leader of raid. Kid or Killer makes sense too as Hawkins might be predicting the results of his own battle in the raid, and both Kid as well as Killer are tied to this fight.
I still say there is a very good chance of it being Drake because of the simple fact of how he got found out. Hawkins was sure out of anyone else to bust Law out that it was Drake and knowing that, why wouldn't he want to check Drake's chances of survival given the fact that he knew he was a traitor.

His percent should be 0% going up against the Beast Pirates, up against Kaido, of all people, right? And yet, it's 1%!!

He even emphasized in the Viz on the fact that Drake, of all people, was telling him to a traitor while - once again - knowing Drake was the traitor all along by freeing Law. It makes his dialogue and Drake's response much more interesting.

It's just unfortunate that Drake clearly had no idea until the crap was slapping him in the face and THEN he understood.

And if it's not Drake, well, that'd suck, but what will be will be. 👍


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The 1% man sounds like someone who was or will be engaged in extreme difficulty or still be slaughtered and barely survive 🤔 might be Kidd or Law post Big Mom fight? Though I doubt.
Zoro being out of elbaf actually makes a lot of sense for luffy

Either meme or shanks will be the arc
Luffy straight 1 vs 1 with meme and oda doesn't need to give zoro a fight


If shanks
Then luffy vs shanks (even if not serious)
And an excuse why zoro won't fight mihawks rival (man likely at #2) though if that is the case I hope they have a dialogue at least.
Yeah oda might create a good excuse why Zoro vs Shanks doesn't happen; if he's the 1% guy
We might know through Drake… he was the one talking to Hawkins back then…

it’s surely one of the four:
- Luffy
- Kidd
- Law
- Zoro

Drake might be a spectator for the said fighter, and remember Hawkins words about the 1% chance to make us know who it is that Hawkins was talking about