[FNZ] Turbo game The Alabasta Arc mafia game ( Game Thread)

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btw since there r no claims

if the tracker finds a killer, they can hard push them without claiming

if they find a potential doctor its better to stay quiet about them

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
If you guys are townie go with Jew

If he doesn't flip scum feel free to bring me down next, I would like to take him out because he gave off terrible vibes
If you guys are townies take out Jew. I offer my body next if he doesn't flip the way he should.
You are still in time to avoid losing a townie.

I offer my body if Jew doesn't flip scum.
Of course you won't repent it

If he flips town bring me down next please
The doctor would have to correctly guess the kill to actually be useful, so if the tracker do find someone visting you might as well go for them.
the tracker will see the doctor and roleblocker appea the same

they will target sm1, but likely no kill happens

thats y dont try to be a hero and push the roleblocker, when they could be the doctor
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