Anime & Manga The Amount of downplaying Zoro gets from reddit and twitter is astonishing

Only people with low intelligence would say the "minimization" is lower, when zoro was downplayed just because he huffed/panted.

You move the goalpost. Your point was about usernames that "downplay", not about wanking. Read back your post
I remember my post and my point with that post was to show that Zoro is one of the most wanked characters
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I tried to find Zoro downplaying and i could only find Sanji Bashing
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Luffy is stronger than Zoro but they are night equal.

Also am I the only one who think ZKK is not only hype for Zoro but Luffy too?

If the World Hear that Zoro killed Kaido, they will be even more warry of him cause he has managed to get someone as strong as Zoro in his crew.

The hype for him as a Yonko will be 1000x greater than if it is just him KOing Kaido with Help from Yamato and Momo.


Cool Story Brother
Make a thread or a post about Zoro replicating Oden's feat of permanently injuring Kaido (NOT ZKK):

Negged to oblivion, called a Zorotard etc. Retaliate? Get banned. The ones who started go free without punishment.

Make a thread or a post about Sanji fighting King and Zoro fighting the far lesser opponent Queen (instead of you know, giving Zoro a better opponent than Sanji, as has always been the case):

You will ever understand reddit boi :arnoling: