Will Leverkusen remain undefeated and end up winning the treble?

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Calling Kid or Law low top-tier when they barely beat by far the most incompetent top-tier in what appears to be one of the most convenient battles in OP is among the most clueless things you could do as a power scaler. I don't think Kid's defeated yet, but this is never supposed to be that hard a fight for Shanks. Kid's lack of skill was well established in Wano, and a lot of us pointed out that he wouldn't fare well against skilled fighters like Shanks. But the people who don't respect the match-up circumstances have been thinking otherwise.
That's on you then.
Imcompetent Top Tier or not, a Top Tier is a Top tier.
Sure there was some PIS involved, but Kidd and Law's performance was good enough to be Low Top Tiers, no 2 YC1's are beating a Top Tier.

I never complained about Kidd losing to Shanks, but the manner of how people are saying he got One-Shotted, which if it did happen it's bad writting.
First of all, because he seems more like a real pirate version of Luffy
Maybe preTS, where he killed innocent people
but now he's just Luffy 2.0

He only won because he became "friends" with Luffy, Law and allied together. AKA Luffy
Also it is very nice to see his interaction with his crew. Its clear they are a bunch of friends which stick together since they were kids
Oda only shows his obsession with Kid and Killer ass sniffing each other

We still have no idea why he doesn't ass sniff Heat and Wife even though from SBS they grew up exactly the same with Kid and Killer. What's special about Killer that Kid sniff's his ass?
was his will and unbreakable character
There's a difference between unbreakable will and just straight up being stupid.

He and Killer rushed to Kaido with knowing no way to damaging him and knowing that they have no chance of winning:

That's just stupid. Rushing to death =/= will

The will only counts if there is no other way of running away, changing plans, negotiating, training...etc.
Shanks battles against Mihawk where ages ago, Shanks became a Yono 6 years ago, after he lost his arm. Seems obvious Oda is holding something back about Shanks powers
I'm open to Shanks being stronger than Mihawk and I can see why some people believe that (outside of direct comparison the gap in hype between Mihawk and Shanks is like night and day) but until it's proven that Shanks has a different fighting style I have to put him below Mihawk
- Kid vs Beckman, Kid wins but is very worn out
- We also see Lucky Roo and Yasopp knocked out, seems Kid defeated all of them
- Shanks shows up and is impressed he beat all his commanders, but seems he's out of energy now
- Shanks one shots Kid
Three possible scenarios here

Scenario 1
-RHPs defeated Kid pirates but Oda offscreened most of the fight, this is another Kaido/Oden situation, leakers are hyping up Shanks oneshotting Kid but in reality we only see the "finisher" and Kid took many more hits prior to that.

Scenario 2
-Same as above expect Kid isn't defeated, his crew is but he's still conscious.

Scenario 3
-Shanks actually 1 vs all'd Kid's crew and oneshotted everybody, reads like some fanfic honestly.
We all know Is the first
1. Kid was confident
2. He was the one who wanted to fight Shanks
3. "Bold Warriors are about to clash"
4. "Only if I lose right"
5. Give him Conqueror haki
6. "Luffy rival"
7. 3 billion Bounty
8. Shanks telling the giants to help him against Kid pirates

Just to... lose like that?
Hmm not good. We knew Shanks wasn't losing but come on! At least Law had some panels defending himself. I'm hoping the same here. Otherwise, Oda hates Kid.