Theory The author of Dragon Balls did Yamacha dirty

Yamcha is still strongest human rest are bunch of saiyans and other non human race.
Krillin and tenshinhan are still stronger then yamcha so still not the strongest human
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It was all over for him the day he lost Bulma. I felt sorry for him.:feelscryingman:
It's not the fact that he lost bulma. it's the fact that she choose the man who killed him as the replacement
Yamcha got cucked.

Killed by Vegeta
Dumped by Bulma
Bulma invites Vegeta to stay with her while Yamcha is still dead from Vegeta
Vegeta bangs Bulma
Bulma has Vegeta's kid.
Chi Chi and Bulma say going from Goku and Vegeta to Yamcha would be a downgrade.