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° spoilers :
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Kaido vs Nika Luffy

• Luffy vs Kaido

• Luffy turned into Giant and punched Kaido hard .

° Orochi vs Denjiro

° Momo is trying to lift onigashima with yamato's instructions .
So this shit is legit like the other spoiler leaks and Denjiro actually finally fucking appears!? Hi mhaving to save Hiyori from Orochi, that part I can definitely believe! God knows where the Ame No Habakiri is though....And thus Nidai too...

I'm still holding out until @Lance_Dragonite @ScotchInformer or @Silver Gapan posts confirmations and such though.
sucking his dick isn't going to make him post spoilers any faster
I don't particularly care either way to be fair, it'll be here at Sunday at 3.00PM. I'm just pointing out that this site that loves spoilers directly helped in making them late.

It's literally don't shit where you eat and somehow y'all fucked that up.
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