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is probably playing Overwatch 2
Oda would show the current status of Kaido in few chap or next......i hope
Like he show Enel, after all the final battle and celebration in Skypia.
He could the same.

We need at least 1 full chapter of Kaido final goodbye the rest story.
I'm convinced, i believe in Goda
i skipped skypiea, kinda mid
But Li1 is saying that it might be related to the 7th planet in the solar system, Uranus, and thus the ancient weapon (maybe finally confirming that Momo, Zunesha or both are the Ancient Weapon)

And in a reply, someone is also theorizing that it might have to do something with Kaido's 7 defeats.

But he did delete it so I kneel @Hanzo hattori

Hopefully 1052 is a freaking good chapter.
Not open for further replies.