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Imagine if Zoro's father is a pervert

For real, I think that Sanji is a simp/gentleman and Greenbull is a lady magnet and asshole

the exact opposite of the same coin
Zoro and Greenbull both starved themselves during their first mentioning in the manga over girls
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It’s a hype chapter but absolutely nothing to do with the Lonko. It must mean a 3rd Party has arrived

Sanjis father is obsessed with strength/power and tried to make Sanji a swordsman.

Zoro's father will be horny in more ways than one and a misogynistic womaniser for the irony. Maybe hates swords or swordsmen even? Maybe his dad will be a navigation/orienteering expert for the irony too?

Plot twist Zoros dad is an Okama.

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