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I've read the prologue and the 1st chapter, the art looks promising, the story is simple tho but it's less corny than other dungeon themed manhwas. Reincarnation of Suicidal Battle God is still much superior dungeon manhwa story-wise, but the art is similarly good.

Don't fall for "Return of Disaster-Class Hero" tho. The art is good since the studio is the same that made Solo Leveling...but it's a trap. It's just filled with Edgelord tryhard MC who face no challenge at all in his fights and plot...and side characters who worship that MC. Lolol
Well I read return of the disaster class hero solely for artstyle
Reincarnation of suicidal battle is God is very good
These are my recommendations
The beginning after the end
Return of mount hua sect
Nano machine
Ultra alter
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