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- Mere yonko who can't even reach Laugh Tale
- World government: this guy deserves 4.6b

- Chad JoyBoy/Nika who takes down the mere yonko that couldn't be taken down by anyone, makes allies, restores peace in Wano, has a legendary devil fruit that scares off the Gorousei, is closer to reach Laugh Tale, disrupts the power balance...
- World government: I sought to guess this guy needs a 3.6b bounty
am fairly certain now that his last bounty would be just a bit above roger's
which is why 5 bil now
wasnt going to happen but still , just doesnt make sense.
I think it was a mistake for Luffy to fight Kaido this early tbh. Now Oda has to justify all sorts of garbage not to let things get out of hand.

Dude kills the strongest Yonko and erases him from the planet, but his bounty is lower? Tf? Which of the Yonko have managed to kill and depose another Yonko?
Unless Oda is really bad at giving bounties (which I doubt), I sought to guess that the World Government gave Luffy a lower bounty so he doesn't get too much attention. They can't cover up the fact he took down Kaido so he needs a bounty increase but they can't give him an insane bounty yet because the information that he is JoyBoy hasn't been revealed yet I guess.

Remember it's not the first time the WG tries to cover up as much as they can.
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