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Home made shakes with protein powder are good imo
Especially if you are trying to build muscle and need to complete your daily protein intake
i did consume thise powers in tge past but they all taste like paper to me.
There's a milliom otger protein sources byt to each their own i guess.
Oh I see.
But why are people so much into dates?
They're in everythin that's labelled as "less sugar" but fructose is sugar too:kayneshrug:
I can't stand the taste of dates:gonope:
I dont think you eat em fresh.. but here Dates are like the go to thing when you are starving.. idk aboit the scientific attributes but a handful of them with milk will last you throughout the day if you're fasting and practicing or physically active in yoir case.. so they are a good source of Power

what fructose tho sounds powdery and citric for some reason
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